Forget the struggle with getting connected to wifi

Surfing may quickly deplete your mobile data plan, and nowadays it is inconceivable to be without the Internet. With the new Ask4Wifi platform, users can give each other access to their own wifi network for a smooth Internet experience.


1. Download the Ask4Wifi app

Download Ask4Wifi from the App Store or Google Play. Simply register and login, and with a few steps you are ready to go.

2. Choose a wifi connection and request access

Search the name of the person or place that you will visit. Ask for Wifi on sight or from a distance to the desired wifi hotspot.

3. Receive push notifications and access

Network owners receive push notifications on their device if someone has submitted a connection request. You can then simply grant wifi access with a touch of your finger. If the user’s request was accepted, he/she will get a push notification and can immediately start surfing the web. iOS users receive an extra pop-up: If they tap on a connection in advance, they will be connected when they visit.



Take a look at the new awesome features of our new app

Smart Design

Sleek design gives Ask4Wifi a clean overview of its functions, making it very user-friendly.

Easy access

No need to share and type-in a lengthy wifi-password. Simply request access to a network and you are ready to go.

Request or accept a connection

Manage your own wifi network (private or business), or request access to one. Both roles can be accessed within on Ask4Wifi app.

Get started

Simple and convenient app functionality allows users to have quick access and a user-friendly experience.

Control your own network

Manage your private or business network within the same app. Have full control over who has access to your network.


See what others have to say about Ask4Wifi.

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Very handy app. Connecting is very convenient!
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Awesome! Now I can save mobile data even when I'm abroad!

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